KA Gaming is one of the most popular slot game brands in the Philippines

Slot KA, also called KA Gaming as full name, is a game rarely known before it was introduced into Philippines by slotph.app Gaming this year.
However, KA Gaming slot has already gained some fame in other countries.
Particularly in recent years, this game supplier has snatched the video game market share aggressively. In the Slot area, this supplier even wins over some famous brands like PG Slot, JDB, Microgaming, and AG, becoming the first choice for young foreign players. Under the circumstances that there are few KA Slot on Philippines online casinos, slotph.app Gaming is the only one that provides the completest gaming categories. Now, let’s learn more about this online slot game new star!

Introduce KA Gaming slot games


One of its merits is the great combination of the gaming scene and music. It has perfect and clear scores that are no worse than those in movies, which helps the players immersed into the atmosphere of the game instantly. It is rare that KA put such efforts, comparing to other online casinos that look down on the score qualities. In these 200 slot games, they are mainly categorized as the themes below:


The game contains the history of both East and West, like the mysterious ancient Egypt and Maya civilization, the Inca Empire which attracts adventurers, or the Chinese Ming Dynasty that are often used as background stories in dramas, and all of these places are available for players to visit, with just a few clicks with the fingers.


Those stories that we have been dreamed of since childhood will fall in  this category. The titans that are times taller than humans, the Journey to the West that is even famous to Philippines, or even the Gods from Western cultures, in Slot online KA we turn all of these stories into real.

Fairy tale

Those stories that accompany us are not just in books or Disney movies. Now, KA Gaming slot use technology to make the characters alive in games. Snow White, Aladdin, Elsa and their partners will bring players back to their most precious and sweet childhood times together.

Animal Characters

Those lovely, tame, lazy, and fierce animals which live in their habitats are all called into this game. They are here to accompany the players in the slot games and pray for good lucks.


Those great movies should not be ended only in cinemas. All of those good scripts that have moved us and broaden our horizons are all gathered here. Blacker Panther, Mulan, and even the award-winning Farewell My Concubine, these classics will last forever by KA Gaming’s well-established techniques.

The best games on KA Gaming

Chinese Opera

Don’t be scared by these colorful masks. In Peking opera, they are called “lian pu”, which aims to use different colors and lines to construct all kinds of graphics in order to symbolize characters’ personalities and traits in the drama, such as loyal, mean, kind, and evil. The game Chinese Opera has the rare 1024 ways payline of KA Slots. Even though the Jackpot is no less than Win lines, but the continuous small prizes accumulated will be a huge amount of money. It is a game very suitable for new players.


The story Jack and the Beanstalk is a well-known story. Let’s climb along the bean vines up to the palace on the cloud with Jack. There will be horrifying giant, so be careful don’t wake him up. Our goal is only his fortunes and the chicken which lays golden eggs. If you could get into the free spins, you’ll get more prize money.

Mysterious Pyramid

This is a very surprising game. Although there are only 30 lines of Payline, but the winning chance is very high. You can say that the chances to win is nonstop. Plus, you can get into the special mode if you collect three stone panels. Without spinning the slot, you just need to click the gold coffin to get the prize money immediately. You can get it 4 times for free. If you want more prize money, get three Pharaoh masks, then you can have 12 chances of free spins!

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